This is an index for discussions relating to frequently asked questions about Programmers.SE.

Our main FAQ covers the answers to those questions in brief: these questions cover various aspects of the FAQ and the functioning of Programmers.SE in detail.

Adding new entries to the FAQ

If there's a question that frequently comes up and is not tagged or listed in this index, create a new question and tag it .

Try to follow the Q&A format: ask the question, and provide the answer separately.


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Site purpose and usage

On-topic and off-topic questions



Other resources

Is your question not part of the FAQ?

First look at questions tagged to see if there is a question not in this index that might have the answer you seek. If you still can't find an answer, then see the following instructions for proposing an FAQ question.

How can a question be added to this FAQ?

  • Ask only the question, stated plainly and simply, in the question body. The answer goes in an answer.

  • Tag as and . When a post seems to hit a mature state, it will have added by a moderator.

  • Flag for a moderator to mark community wiki. Any FAQ post not yet community wiki should be made into a community wiki.

  • Add a link in the above table of contents.


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