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Matthew Helm

Am working as contract developer on a full-time basis, and trying to get my own software development business off the ground at the same time. More challenging than I thought! My business is very much in an early stage, and am not yet ready to take any heavy duty projects. Am still working my way through legal stuff, and just getting serious about the marketing side -- my temporary, bulletinboard-like website is crying out for me to turn it into something professional and permanent.

As far as experience goes, I have a lot of general .NET development experience using C#, as well as database development. Over the years, have done a lot of C\C++ programming. I have had my share of VB/VBA work, also. Although I have read a great deal about ASP.NET® and Sharepoint® and have applied them to my own personal projects, I have not yet had a formal opportunity to exercise my skills in either. Hopefully, will be able to get my foot in the door with an ASP.NET® and/or Sharepoint® development project.

Most of immediate work is in client/desktop application, and Microsoft Office® solution development (add-ins, smart docs, automation, and application integration); and database application (SQL Server® and Access®), and Office Open XML® application development. Most of this work revolves around integrating Enterprise systems/data with client applications. As mentioned above, am hoping to find an opportunity, either through my current full-time work or my business, to get involved with a SharePoint® and/or ASP.NET® project. Both are great development plaforms; once I get moving, would like to be able to dedicate most of my efforts to such projects.

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