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Havoc P

Best known for being one of the original GNOME developers and leaders (chair of the GNOME Foundation board for a couple of years, personally implemented large parts of the Linux desktop). Founded freedesktop.org; creator of projects such as D-BUS, metacity; implemented many big chunks of the GTK+ toolkit. Author of "GTK+/GNOME Application Development." Hired most of the desktop team at Red Hat, managed this team for a couple of years. Founding tech guy for litl, part of the initial design and development team for their Linux-based consumer device.

Not a financial professional, but lots of finance-related know-how, including passing the CFP exam and CFA Level 1 exam. I'm more acquainted with business/entrepreneurship topics than your average software developer.

  • Passionate about great interaction design and design-driven development
  • Expert in open source project organization and leadership
  • Expert in UI toolkit technology; Linux in particular but also cross-platform
  • Expert C developer; solid Java, C++, Python, JavaScript, HTML, JSP, CSS skills among others
  • Experienced software developer and architect
  • Engineering management experience with team sizes up to 25
  • Deep financial and business knowledge, for a software guy