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i build Systems & Tools for Analysis, Prediction, Visualization, & Simulation.

i also design, code, and deploy complete Machine Learning-based applications (e.g., anti-fraud filter, recommendation engine, monitoring/anomaly detectors), in the service layer, decoupled from the main app, but also distributed and (horizontally) scalable.


  • Machine Learning: in particular, recursive descent parser (CART/C4.5), Multi-layer Perceptron, SVM/SVR, Kernel Machines, kNN/kdtree, Probabilistic Graphical Models (eg, Markov Random Field)

  • Dimension Reduction Techniques: spectral decomposition (PCA & kPCA, kLDA), Kohonen Map (self-organizing map)

  • Social Network Analysis & Visualization: using graph theoretic techniques for e.g., community detection, id of members essential for network health/growth; identify nascent sub-communities; (particular fluency GraphViz, the premiere tool for graph layout/visualization, NetworkX, the primary network analysis library for python, and d3).

  • Analysis & Modeling of Time-Dependent Data

  • Optimization: Combinatorial Optimization and Constraint-Satisfaction Programming

  • Numerical Methods: e.g., matrix decomposition, Monte Carlo techniques, Gaussian quadrature, finite difference methods

  • Data Modeling for "Non-Relational" systems (in particularly Redis and MongoDB) and for relational (ROLAP), multi-dimensional (MOLAP), and hybrid (HOLAP) Data Warehouse systems using conventional relational/SQL servers.


  • python
  • cython
  • scala
  • apache spark
  • Hadoop (v2. YARN)
  • javascript
  • R
  • NumPy + SciPy + Matplotlib
  • pandas

  • redis

  • rethinkDB
  • HDF5 (& pytables, h5py)
  • flask/werkzeug (python web framework)
  • graphviz
  • d3.js (svg template primitives for rendering plots in the browser)

  • saltstack

  • vagrant
  • git (& gitHub)

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